ADDED ON: 10/04/2020

Eight Australian sports commit to implementing inclusion measures for transgender athletes

10/03/2020 | Inside the Games

Governing bodies of eight sports in Australia have committed to implementing governance that supports a greater level of inclusion for transgender and gender diverse athletes. At a launch held at Sydney Cricket Ground, the Australian Football League, Hockey Australia, Netball Australia, Rugby Australia, Tennis Australia, Touch Football Australia, UniSport Australia and Water Polo Australia unveiled their policies and guidelines. The initiative, organised by ACON’s Pride in Sport programme, aims to tackle the stigma faced by transgender people and offer pathways from community sport onwards. It was devised following the identification of a need for national guidance for sport organisations. Following the launch, governing bodies such as Athletics Australia, Diving Australia, Football Federation Australia, Judo Australia, Swimming Australia and Triathlon Australia committed to developing transgender inclusion frameworks for their sports


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