ADDED ON: 12/15/2020

Egyptian pastor opens conversion therapy school to “treat” LGBTQ youth

12/14/2020 | Metro Weekly

An evangelical pastor in Egypt intends to open up school in Heliopolis which will inflict conversion therapy on LGBTQ youth in the area. Pastor Tony George Rizk, creator of community youth service tC Egypt, said that the school — which will open on Dec. 26 and last eight weeks — is aimed at queer youth who want to change their sexuality. Conversion therapy is a widely debunked practice that has been condemned by major health organizations. A variety of methods are touted as being able to “change” an LGBTQ person’s sexuality or gender identity, ranging from talk therapy to more extreme methods such as aversion or electroshock therapy. Rizk, a member of the Evangelicals Association in Egypt and the Middle East, said in a statement that homosexuality can be “treated” and claimed that childhood trauma, bullying, and sexual abuse cause people to be gay. The pastor claimed that “specialists” in sex addiction and sexuality would treat the youth, along with alleged “survivors” of homosexuality.


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