ADDED ON: 09/05/2019

Education secretary says all schools will be given support to teach LGBT-inclusive lessons amidst protests

09/04/2019 | News Puddle

Education secretary Gavin Williamson has pledged the government’s support for schools teaching LGBT-inclusive relationship and sex education.
Williamson said that the government will be “supporting and backing every single school” as they prepare for the roll-out of a mandatory LGBT-inclusive curriculum. From September 2020, every primary school child will learn about different types of families, including those with same-sex parents, while secondary school students will learn about sexual orientation and gender identity. Older children will also be given inclusive sex education lessons, though parents will be able to withdraw them should they choose to. Williamson said that the purpose of the new guidance is to “make sure every single school is able to teach about Britain as it is today, but also have the flexibility to ensure that it has an understanding of the communities which it operates in”.


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