ADDED ON: 02/21/2022

Education Minister tries to ban gay kids from boarding schools

02/20/2022 | Q News

Kenyan Education Minister George Mahoga has caused controversy with a proposal to ban gay school kids from boarding schools. At the same time as Australia grappled with Citipointe College attempting to institute a no-LGBTIQ+ contract, Mahoga attempted to institute nationwide discrimination. Magoha said that students ‘moving from one bed to another’ should attend day schools instead of boarding schools. Many gifted students from rural Kenyan villages attend boarding schools in regional population centres. The minister claimed he has nothing against gay students but believes placing them in day schools will allow closer parental supervision. He said homosexual students should ensure they don’t infringe on the rights of other students to retain their placement in Kenyan boarding schools. George Mahoga made the statement following reports of an assault on a male student at a boarding school in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The minister previously raised the issue in December. “Right now there are contemporary cases of children who are homosexual and lesbians. They must go to day schools close to their homes.” He instructed headmasters not to allow children to intimidate them.


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