ADDED ON: 02/01/2021

Eddie Izzard wants to become the UK’s first-ever transgender MP

01/31/2021 | Pink News

Eddie Izzard, the genderfluid stand-up comedian and longtime Labour campaigner, has a simple mission: Become Britain’s first openly trans member of Parliament. Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, the 58-year-old is trading show business for politics as she branded premier Boris Johnson a “liar” and vowed to fight alongside opposition leader Keir Starmer. While the lower house of Parliament’s 650 seats are packed with LGB+ lawmakers as a new wave of young queer politicians has been elected, Britain is still without its first trans or non-binary MP. 2019 marked the 57th consecutive general election with no openly transgender people elected. Izzard is out to change that. “I wanted to stand in the last election [in 2019],” she explained, “but a seat wasn’t available – but I am here.


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