ADDED ON: 03/15/2019

Dutch priest who petitioned for pro-LGBT ‘rainbow crossing’ in front of basilica withdraws petition

03/12/2019 | LGBT Life

Fr. Maickel Prasing, the Dutch priest who launched an online petition for a rainbow crossing to be placed in front of the Catholic Basilica of Oudenbosch, Brabant, in the Netherlands, closed the petition at the behest of the diocese of Breda in the wake of the media attention attracted by his suggestion. Public protests by young traditionally minded Catholics in the diocese probably also played a part. The text of the petition is still online. Shortly after disabling signatures for his petition, Prasing told the press on March 8 that he doesn’t have “a millimeter of doubt” regarding the call he made during his homily for “Carnival Sunday,” an occasion when large numbers of nominally Catholic revelers turn up in church at the beginning of public festivities before Lent.


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