ADDED ON: 10/23/2022

Dutch Christian Union ready to give seats to people in gay relationship

10/21/2022 | CNE News

The board of the Dutch political party Christian Union drops the notion that sexuality belongs to the marriage of a man and a woman. The party has put a homosexual with a relation in an eligible position on the list for the Senate. The CU’s core values contains a footnote from 2008, saying that the Christian Union and its predecessors always “consistently” expressed that “God instituted marriage at creation as an unbreakable relationship of one man and one woman and as such a fundamental pillar of society.” This implies that “sexual intercourse is inseparable from marriage.” After 2008, however, the participation of homosexuals in the party increased. Within the party, an LGBTQI network will be active. And the CU’s youth party openly supported Coming Out Day last week. Also, in the churches from which the party members come, the openness towards gay relationships grew. In some local councils, the party is already represented by practising homosexuals. On Thursday, party chairman Ankie van Tatenhove said this in an interview with Reformatorisch Dagblad.


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