ADDED ON: 12/24/2020

Dozens of anti-gay groups are making money off Amazon’s charity platform

12/23/2020 | NBC News

More than 40 anti-LGBTQ organizations are skirting AmazonSmile’s ban on promoting hatred and intolerance, according to a new report. Amazon’s charity platform is allowing dozens of anti-LGBTQ organizations to receive donations, according to a report published Tuesday by U.K.-based political activist group openDemocracy. Launched in 2013, the AmazonSmile program allows users to select a nonprofit to receive 0.5 percent of the proceeds from eligible purchases. More than a million U.S.-based nonprofits are listed with the program and, while Amazon does not disclose how much individual groups have raised, the program has generated more than $215 million since its founding, according to the online retail giant.


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