ADDED ON: 03/26/2021

Double isolation of LGBT migrants

03/25/2021 | Times of Malta

LGBTIQ activists and asylum seekers are starring in a documentary which for the first time gives LGBTIQ migrants a voice to tell their stories. “These migrants not only face racism from general society but also feel isolated from their own community for being gay because it is not accepted in their culture,” MGRM member and activist Mohamad Ali ‘Dali’ Aguerbi told Times of Malta. “We have put together a documentary in the hope of educating, reaching out and bridging different communities together.” The documentary Rainbow Bridge is a project of the Malta Gay Rights Movement funded by the Voluntary Project Scheme. For the fifth year running, Malta has ranked first in the European Rainbow Map Index for 2020, which praised the island’s commitment to improving the lives of LGBTIQ families. Yet, it is a different story when it comes to the island’s migrant centres. “Homosexual migrants already arrive in Malta with the idea that they are criminals for their sexuality,” Aguerbi said. “When they arrive at the detention centres, there is no one they can speak to about their fears.” He said that the documentary is aimed at humanising the issue of migration and showing how the situation could improve.


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