ADDED ON: 12/30/2020

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: The Indonesian Military Case

12/29/2020 | The Diplomat

In October, news broke about Indonesian Military (TNI) personnel who were dismissed for being a part of the LGBTQ community. As of this writing, TNI had fired and incarcerated 16 service members who were found to be homosexuals with the charge of disobedience to service orders. TNI argues that homosexuality is against military discipline and constitutes a serious violation, as it is “against established laws and religious norms.” And it’s not only TNI – the Indonesian Police (Polri) has also dismissed officers based on their sexual orientations. In May 2019, the Central Java Police fired Police Brigadier “TT” for alleged “deviant sexuality.” He is currently suing to have the police revoke his status of disrespectful dismissal.


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