ADDED ON: 08/18/2020

Donors free trans woman from jail in Cameroon, help her in new career

08/18/2020 | Erasing 76 Crimes Blog

C., the trans woman in eastern Cameroon who is being helped by this blog’s Not Alone Project, has been released from prison early and is preparing for training as a hairdresser, a career that she hopes will replace the income she previously earned as a sex worker. C. had been sentenced to a year in Bertoua Central Prison for dressing as a woman. Her sentence was due to end last month but she had no money to pay the fine of 106,000 Central African francs (about $176) that the judge imposed during sentencing last year. She was scheduled to remain in the Bertoua prison until November in order to pay that debt. Instead, generous donors paid her fine, so she completed her sentence on time in July.


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