ADDED ON: 12/26/2022

Donnelly pressed over use of UK clinic for children with gender-identity issues

12/25/2022 | MSN News

Documents released under a Freedom of Information request show Mr Donnelly was contacted by a representative from Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) and an individual, whose name was redacted, asking to meet the minister. The requests came in August this year following concerns about the Tavistock clinic in the UK, which provided gender dysphoria services to Irish children and teenagers. Young people were referred to the UK clinic due to the lack of services in Ireland. It emerged earlier this year that the HSE would continue to use Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service despite a critical report and a recommendation that it should close. In response, four senior clinicians from the National Gender Service requested an urgent meeting with Mr Donnelly to “discuss the risks this presents to Irish children”, it said in a letter.


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