ADDED ON: 05/02/2021

Donald Trump’s cruel ban on trans people joining the military is officially over

5/1/21 | Pink News

Pentagon policies that allow trans folk to serve in the US military went into effect Thursday (April 30), finally undoing Donald Trump’s cruel and unnecessary ban. It was the upshot of a tug-of-war between administrations and a year of litigation but in 2019, the former president’s abrupt ban formally went into effect. Closing the ranks of the armed forces from trans folk. The ban sowed not only unease for countless trans personnel but frustration for advocates at what was the latest in a long line of blows to LGBT+ rights dealt by Trump. And for those trans folk eager to serve, they were left feeling like “caged animals” by the ban. But in one of his first actions as president, Joe Biden swiftly lifted the ban in an executive order in January, with the Pentagon issuing revised guidelines in March that would go into effect one month later. And that time is now.


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