ADDED ON: 09/17/2022

Divorcing the TQ from LGB

09/16/2022 | Spectator Australia

The LGB is divorcing the TQ and there is a court case. While the world’s eyes are on Britain changing monarchs, those of us who are interested in gender politics are again looking to the British courts for another battle at the business end of what is known as the Culture Wars. In 2019, a group of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people set up a charity in Britain to forward the interests of same-sex attracted people. The charity, LGB Alliance, is different from the mainstream LGBTQ+ charities because it rejects gender identity ideology at the core of almost all other former gay rights charities. The LGB Alliance was granted charity status last year and is now having its charity status challenged in court by transgender charity Mermaids, with the backing of an organisation called, The Good Law Project (TGLP). The less I say about TGLP the better, or I will need a lawyer myself.


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