ADDED ON: 12/31/2022

Did LGBTQ rights campaigns in Qatar help or hinder?

12/30/2022 | Deutsche Welle

Protests by Western activists at the FIFA World Cup may have backfired and sparked a backlash against gay. lesbian and queer communities in Qatar, critics say. Early in December, the US fast food chain Raising Cane’s came under attack from conservatives in Kuwait. The fried-chicken specialist from Louisiana has 12 franchises there. A man filmed the exterior of one of the drive-through restaurants and posted the video on social media, accusing Raising Cane’s of promoting same-sex relationships because of its “one love” logo. The same logo was used by the Dutch football team, the man pointed out, referring to the fact that a number of European teams at the Qatarfootball World Cup wanted their captains to wear armbands from the “One Love” pro-diversity campaign.


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