ADDED ON: 08/08/2020

Detroit Archdiocese Vs. LGBT Catholics: No More Church Masses Or Meetings

08/07/2020 | Deadline Detroit

Two Metro Detroit groups of Catholics with different sexual orientations “are now forbidden from gathering at churches and having priests perform Mass for them,” the Free Press discloses. The policy change affects Dignity Detroit and Fortunate Families Detroit, which represent gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender worshipers, Niraj Warikoo reports: Both groups and clergy received letters earlier this year from Auxiliary Bishop Gerard Battersby, warning them they are no longer welcome in the Archdiocese because they advocate policies that he said clash with church doctrine on sexuality. “Refrain from offering Mass anywhere in the Archdiocese of Detroit for Dignity Detroit, lest we confuse the faithful by seeming to endorse an alternative and contradictory path to sanctity,” [Battersby instructed priests].


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