ADDED ON: 09/17/2022

Despite ban and protests, LGBTQ organizers move forward with EuroPride march in Serbia

09/16/2022 | PBS

Organizers of European LGBTQ events in Belgrade this week said Friday they will hold a planned Pride march on the streets of the Serbian capital despite a police ban and threats from anti-gay groups. Serbian police have banned Saturday’s parade, citing a risk of clashes with far-right activists who said they will gather to protest the march. Several legal appeals against the ban have been rejected by Serbia’s authorities. “’We have been put in a situation where we have no choice,” said Goran Miletic, one of the organizers of the largest annual Pride event in Europe. “’Despite the ban, we will gather. This is a completely different Pride than the usual ones we have had.” Earlier Friday, organizers submitted another formal request to Serbia’s interior ministry with a proposed shorter route for the walk. This was supported by 27,000 signatures. But Serbia’s interior minister said the ban stands.


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