ADDED ON: 01/26/2020

Denver school board votes to require gender neutral bathrooms in all public schools

01/25/2020 | Christian Post

A new school board for Denver Public Schools unanimously passed a resolution in its first meeting requiring all district schools to have at least one all-gender bathroom. The board has also made it mandatory for staff to use students’ preferred names and pronouns irrespective of their official names or gender. The resolution added that no employee should be disciplined for disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity in work-appropriate ways, and that teachers and other staff should be allowed to hang a rainbow flag or other symbols that represent support for LGBT people, The Denver Post reported. “While we all hope that schools serve their purpose as an incubator for creativity, connection, and learning, far too often they can be lonely or hostile places,” Daniel Ramos, the executive director of the LGBT advocacy group One Colorado, said in a statement.


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