ADDED ON: 07/24/2019

Demonstrators Rally In St. Petersburg To Mourn Slain Russian LGBT Activist

07/23/2019 | Radio Free Europe

Several dozen demonstrators rallied in St. Petersburg to mourn Yelena Grigoryeva, an LGBT rights campaigner who was slain near her home in Russia’s second-largest city. The rally on July 23 came three days after Grigoryeva was found dead, apparently strangled and with multiple stab wounds, according to online newspaper Fontanka and a Facebook post by opposition campaigner Dinar Idrisov and the Russian LGBT Network. Her death followed the circulation on the Internet of a “hit list” called Saw that threatened gays, lesbians, reporters, and others. Grigoryeva, an outspoken activist, was among those on the list. Idrisov said the 41-year-old LGBT rights campaigner had received multiple threats online and through other means. It is not yet clear whether Grigoryeva, a member of the St. Petersburg-based Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT People for Equal Rights, was targeted for her activism.


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