ADDED ON: 11/20/2020

Demands for same sex marriage in India gathers momentum

11/14/2020 | Radio France International

Two years after India‘s Supreme Court struck down a colonial-era law that had made homosexuality a criminal offense, courts are hearing petitions seeking to legalize same-sex marriage. Recently, three couples filed petitions, two in the Delhi High Court, and one in the Kerala High Court, arguing that the state’s refusal to recognize their marriages violates their constitutional rights. The petitioners argued that there is no provision in the Special Marriage Act preventing same-sex marriage and that nowhere in the act is marriage restricted to “only between man and woman.” One petition was filed by two mental health professionals — Kavita Arora, 47 and Ankita Khanna, 36, who said they had been living together as a couple for eight years, were in love with each other and sharing the highs and lows of life, but unable to marry as both were women.


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