ADDED ON: 04/01/2021

Defiant MP skewers LGB Alliance for spewing ‘nonsense, fake news and misinformation’ around conversion therapy

03/31/2021 | Yahoo News

Jamie Stone, a Scottish Liberal Democrat MP, lambasted the high-decibel anti-trans lobbying group for “masquerading as LGBT+ allies”, a sentiment similarly expressed by top Pride organisers and trade unions. He told PinkNews how the group sent him a “horrific” email that said that banning trans conversion therapy for youth would “would criminalise therapists who want to do their job”. Indeed, Stone receives countless emails per day in his parliamentary email. But this one immediately grabbed his attention. It seemed harmless enough. An email all too common these days — a call in support of a conversion therapy ban, or so it seemed. The email was from the LGB Alliance, whose members have sought to drive a wedge between the T and LGB communities, often with freewheeling statements and cherry-picked data. All the while refusing to denounce their neo-Nazi and homophobic supporters.


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