ADDED ON: 03/19/2021

‘Deal with it’, school in China tells gay high school student bullied and sexually assaulted for months

03/18/2021 | Asia One

A gay teenager was subjected to months of emotional and physical bullying, including repeated instances of sexual assault, at a school in China. In the most severe incident Xiaohao (not his real name) was stripped naked, pinned to the ground and forced to watch pornography while someone stimulated his genitals while being filmed. During the assault he recalled one attacker asking, “Shouldn’t this give you pleasure since you are gay?” Xiaohao, who made his experience public last Saturday, routinely asked for help from the school administrators, who told him to endure it. “I am a homosexual. My dorm-mates bullied me. But the teachers asked me to put up with them and suggested I should drop out of the school,” he wrote on an online student helpline forum, hoping the publicity would bring help. Xiaohao, 16, left the school but tried to commit suicide a few months later in a desperate cry for help.


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