ADDED ON: 05/31/2020

Davao City Mayor recruits LGBT+ for COVID food distribution

05/30/2020 | QN

Faced with corrupt officials giving away emergency rice supplies, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte called on the local LGBT+ community to help. Davao City is on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. The mayor said she chose the LGBT+ community because as people subject to marginalisation they understood the need for inclusion. “We needed to do this for those who are sceptical of the political structure or those who were missed-out by barangay [district] officials. We needed to find another structure to help find those who need rice assistance.” The local Commissioner for Urban Poor, Norman Baloro organised the undertaking. He enlisted LGBT+ alumni, students and staff of the Philippine Women’s College and other members of the local LGBT+ community. The volunteers bagged 4,315 bags of rice. They then distributed the rice to the poor in 181 out of the city’s 182 barangays. When one barangay refused the rice, organisers divided its share among the other districts.


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