ADDED ON: 07/25/2019

Czechia’s trans community pushes to be visible

07/24/2019 | Bay Area Reporter

Emerging from the few sensationalized tabloid headlines and TV shows that have been Czechia’s only exposure to the country’s transgender community, trans Czechs are stepping out and speaking up about their experiences. The country’s transgender community has become more visible in the last five years as they challenge the country’s gender recognition laws and claim their place in society, said Viktor Heumann, a 41-year-old trans man who is the director of Transparent, Czechia’s transgender organization. The Czech Republic is working to revive its original Latin short-form name, Czechia.It’s an exciting moment for Czechia’s transgender community, which is building itself as it faces an uphill battle to transform gender recognition laws and acceptance. Transgender individuals can legally change their identity, but the process is arduous.


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