ADDED ON: 01/05/2021

Cuba: Church opens its doors to LGBTQI+ people

01/02/2021 | Deutsche Welle

While most churches in Germany, the US and other Western countries now welcome gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersexual people, that is an exception in Cuba. And that exception is called Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana, a Protestant free church. “Once I went to a Reformed Church in which they kept talking about homosexuality as a sin,” recounts Fernando Cepero Romero in the congregation’s social media network. “But as a homosexual, I have never seen it that way. For me, it has always been about love.” He relates that he had heard about the free church from his friends and that he thanks God for it. His statement forms part of the church’s advertising campaign “Christ loves my colors.” The congregation forms part of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), which was founded at the end of the 1960s in Los Angeles as somewhere for the gay and lesbian scene to find a spiritual refuge. At that time, people who did not correspond to the heterosexual norm were badly discriminated against even in California. Now, almost all major Protestant communities of faith recognize same-sex partnerships in one way or another, granting them their blessing or placing them on a par with a heterosexual marriage. In Germany, homosexual couples can have their partnership blessed in almost all churches belonging to the national Protestant Church (EKD). In about half of the EKD’s regional branches, homosexuals can marry in church just like heterosexuals.


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