ADDED ON: 05/08/2019

Cuba cancels its annual gay rights parade, ‘Conga Against Homophobia’

05/07/2019 | Los Angeles Times

The Cuban government announced Tuesday that it has canceled this year’s edition of a parade widely seen as a sign of progress on gay rights on the island. The state-run Center for Sex Education headed by Mariela Castro, the daughter of Communist Party First Secretary Raul Castro, said in a Facebook post that the Conga Against Homophobia scheduled for an unspecified date this month had been canceled on orders of the Ministry of Health. The statement attributed the cancellation to “new tensions in the international and regional context that directly and indirectly affect our country and have tangible and intangible impacts in the normal development of our daily life and the implementation of the policies of the Cuban state.” The statement did not explain what that meant. Officials with the sexual education center, known by its Spanish acronym CENESEX, did not respond to requests for comment or said they didn’t know why the march was canceled.


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