ADDED ON: 07/08/2021

Crusade Against Hypocrisy Inspires First Transgender Candidate for German Bundestag

07/07/2021 | U.S. News and World Report

MUNICH (Reuters) – As the first transgender candidate for Germany’s parliament, Tessa Ganserer doesn’t mince words when it comes to identifying those responsible for the legislative prejudice that she believes LGBT+ voters face. “That kind of hypocritical show of tolerance just stinks,” she tells Reuters, referring to the Conservative lawmakers she accuses of blocking pro-LGBT+ reforms in Berlin’s Bundestag while happily draping themselves in the rainbow flag outside it. Ganserer, 44, hopes to be able to take her fight to the floor of the lower parliamentary house from September, when she will stand for the Greens party in a federal election. In her crosshairs is the Transgender Act of 1981, parts of which, Germany’s top court has ruled on six occasions, are unconstitutional, but which the federal government’s ruling parties have been at odds over how to revamp.


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