ADDED ON: 01/17/2023

‘Crazy shift in my perception’: How first transgender war correspondent is now fighting with Ukraine

01/16/2023 | USA Today

On a summer day in Zolochiv, Ukraine, a rocket dropped from the sky and exploded into a building across the street from journalist Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, who caught the blast on cellphone video. The artillery, one of many seen in the country for weeks, didn’t just crater the sidewalk. It also led Ashton-Cirillo – the world’s first openly transgender war correspondent – to be hit with a new perspective. “There was this crazy shift in my perception of where my place was in the war,” she said. “My mind had undergone a metamorphosis because it was not anymore me covering the war, I was basically living the war. … I had become very conflicted regarding my feelings as to where I belonged.”


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