ADDED ON: 07/03/2020

COVID-19 forces closing of Fredericton’s only LGBTQ nightclub

06/29/2020 | CBC

Losses attributed to COVID-19 have forced a popular LGBTQ nightclub in Fredericton to close its doors. Boom! Nightclub’s drag performances, shimmery curtains and colourful parties featuring glow sticks and karaoke nights have been a staple of Fredericton’s LGBTQ community for 15 years. “Although it was just four walls and a roof to most people, it was a home. It was somewhere that at the end of the work week, or the end of the day, you could go and be yourself,” said Mitchell Goodine, a Boom! drag queen. Goodine moved to Fredericton in 2008 to study nursing at the University of New Brunswick.


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