ADDED ON: 11/25/2022

Court Rules in Favor of Newspaper against Lesbian Association

11/24/2022 | Hungary Today

Mediaworks, a Hungarian media giant, has won a case against the Labrisz Lesbian Association, according to a ruling handed down by the Curia (Supreme Court) on Wednesday. In the dispute between the NGO publishing the storybook Fairyland for Everyone (Meseország mindenkié) and Mediaworks Hungary Zrt., the publisher of Magyar Nemzet, the Curia rejected Labrisz’s claim, Magyar Nemzet reported. In September 2020, the children’s storybook, which represents the LGBTQ community, caused a stir in Hungarian public life, some critics claiming the book promotes LGBTQ ideology. The book contains writings by contemporary authors and features characters belonging to a sexual minority group. The book is published by the Labrisz Lesbian Association, which objected to an article in Magyar Nemzet in September 2020. In the article in question, Magyar Nemzet wrote: “The book Fairyland for Everyone should be judged as pedophilia and the Labrisz Lesbian Association as a pedophile organization. Because that is what it is, after all.”


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