ADDED ON: 01/27/2020

Court Rules for Gay Couple in Indiana Birth Certificate Suit

01/26/2020 | US News and World Report

A federal appeals court sided with a gay married couple who challenged Indiana’s birth records law, arguing that it discriminates against them and their children because birth certificates don’t account for same-sex spouses as parents. The decision from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Jan. 17 reaffirmed a lower court’s ruling in a 2015 case filed by Ashlee and Ruby Henderson that required the state to recognize legitimately the couple’s children as their own. The Hendersons, of Lafayette, alleged that local and state health officials discriminated against them when the Tippecanoe County Health Department declined to put both of their names as parents on their son’s birth certificate in December 2014. The county at the time allowed only Ruby Henderson, the birth mother, to be listed as a parent.


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