ADDED ON: 03/11/2020

Court rules against gender-neutral passports and says people must define as either male or female

03/10/2020 | Pink News

The UK’s Court of Appeal has ruled against campaigner Christie Elan-Cane in per fight for a gender-neutral passport. Christie Elan-Cane had challenged the legality of the UK government’s passport policy, which requires that either a “M” or “F” gender marker appear on every UK passport. The court said that the policy is not unlawful, but emphasised that people whose gender identity is non-gendered or non-binary have a right to respect. Elan-Cane is a non-gendered activist who has campaigned for a third gender option on British passports for more than 25 years. Elan-Cane uses per as a gender-neutral pronoun, similar to how some people use they/them pronouns.


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