ADDED ON: 05/24/2019

Court rejects lawsuit from Indonesian cop who was discharged for being gay

05/23/2019 | Coconuts Jakarta

A former Indonesian cop has vowed to fight for justice after he was dismissed from the police force for being gay, but he’s already hit a legal roadblock after a court threw out his lawsuit. The plaintiff, identified by his initials TT (30), said he was dishonorably discharged by the Central Java Police in 2017. TT challenged the dismissal in the province’s Administrative Court (PTUN) in the city of Semarang today, but to no avail. “The court rejects the plaintiff’s lawsuit. The court punished the plaintiff payment of court fees totaling IDR348,000 (US$24),” Head Judge Panca Yunior Utomo said during the hearing today, as quoted by Detik. Panca explained that the court was not able to adjudicate the case because the plaintiff did not invoke Law No. 30/2014 on government administration as a defense immediately following his dismissal from the force, which is a prerequisite for an employment termination lawsuit to be filed at PTUN.


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