ADDED ON: 05/03/2021

Court could force Honduras to stop ‘social cleansing’ of trans people

05/02/2021 | Pink News

International LGBT+ advocates are waiting anxiously for the verdict of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which monitors human rights in the western hemisphe. The top tribunal was prompted to intervene last year in Honduras, the country with world’s highest rate of trans homicides. Experts put the average life expectancy of transgender women at just 30 to 35 years. “They call it social cleansing,” said Claudia Spellmant, a trans activist who fled the country in 2013, speaking to the New York Times. “They don’t want trans people on the street.” The landmark legal case surrounds the death of Vicky Hernández, a Honduran trans woman whose murder has gone unsolved for 12 years.


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