ADDED ON: 01/16/2023

Couple confound Romania’s tough anti-LGBTQ laws

01/15/2023 | Yahoo! News

When Evie and Gia decided to get married they turned Romania’s hardening discrimination against LGBTQ people on its head. The country is one of the last in the EU where same sex marriages and civil partnerships are still outlawed, and last year its senate passed a law banning “gay propaganda” that might influence minors. While Evie is a transgender woman, her identity papers class her as male. So technically the two women could get legally married. But official “resistance” to their union began as soon as Evie turned up at their local town hall with her life coach partner to sort out the paperwork. “They looked at me weirdly… and said that they would have to do some extra checks on my background. They made me feel like a spy,” said the 38-year-old IT developer. Then officials demanded that “I come dressed according to the gender of my identity papers,” said Evie, who refused.


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