ADDED ON: 06/04/2020

Counter protester embedded inside Operation Pridefall reveals truth behind terrifying cyber attack aimed at LGBT+ community

06/03/2020 | Pink News

Alt-right 4chan users plan to belabour LGBT+ people’s social media accounts, as well as boycott and assail companies that run Pride campaigns throughout Pride Month, as part of a terrifying cyber attack known as Operation Pridefall. And PinkNews has just entered its radar after we reported on it May 26. The imageboard website has, over the years, become a pivotal megaphone for anti-LGBT+, racist, antisemitic and sexist voices. Often taking tinderbox issues, such as the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests or the #MeToo movement, and playing with matches. Pride Month this year was bound to be different in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has pad-locked Pride marches, while the history of Pride gains a new, harried urgency as Black Lives Matter riots rumble and show little signs of petering out as police increase violent tactics to disband marchers.


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