ADDED ON: 06/03/2020

Costa Rica: 82 same-sex couples have joined their lives and await registration of their marriages

06/02/2020 | AM Prensa

82 same-sex couples have joined their lives and hope that their marriages in the country will be registered very soon. This is confirmed by data provided by the Civil Registry to AM Prensa. On May 25, the day before the marriage ruling took effect, 55 applications for registration were recorded. Starting on the 26th of that same month, the number began to rise until it reached 82 requests. The Civil Registry is constantly updating the data; up to now, it has 40 unions celebrated in national territory, seven have entered through an online service and 35 have been carried out abroad. The entity changed all its registration systems when these unions were legalized, since traditionally they only registered heterosexual marriages.


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