ADDED ON: 04/05/2020

Coronavirus: LGBT+ charity says young people should ‘pause’ coming out in lockdown

04/04/2020 | Sky News

LGBT+ young people should “hit pause” on coming out while self-isolating with their families during the coronavirus pandemic, a UK charity has advised. The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), a UK charity that helps young LGBT+i people facing homelessness, told Sky News their advice would be to “think hard” before coming out during this time. “If you’re a young person and you’re thinking of coming out, press pause on that until you get support,” said Tim Sigsworth, AKT’s CEO. Mr Sigsworth expressed concern for how families may react to their child coming out in this particularly stressful time and warned of the dangers of being homeless during the pandemic. “You can’t predict at these completely unprecedented times how your parents will react. They, like you, are under a lot of stress and they may not react in a positive way.


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