ADDED ON: 03/22/2020

Coronavirus Leaves Migrants along Mexico-U.S. Border even More Vulnerable

03/21/2020 | South Florida Gay News

Jaime Antonio Marin Rocha and his mother, Yolanda Rocha, run Jardín de las Mariposas, a shelter for LGBT migrants in the Mexican border city of Tijuana. Marin told the Washington Blade on Thursday during a telephone interview from Tijuana the shelter has implemented new personal hygiene procedures. Marin said the shelter currently has enough cleaning supplies, “but we don’t have anything that would be for long-term like four months or six months if we have to self-isolate ourselves.” Marin also said 90 percent of the shelter’s residents have an underlying medical condition that makes them more vulnerable to coronavirus. “If they were to get this disease, they would basically be more at-risk,” he told the Blade. “That’s why I want to see if we can take any actions to create a preparedness plan so we can have a response in time.”


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