ADDED ON: 04/06/2020

Coronavirus: Bolsonaro fasts and prays for “Brazil’s liberation from epidemics”

04/05/2020 | Go Tech Daily

In response to the outbreak of coronavirus, Brazilian President Gerard Bolsonaro said Sunday was a day of prayer and fasting, and encouraged citizens to ask God to “save Brazil from this evil.” The right-wing populist, known as “Equatorial Trump,” met with Pentecostal evangelical priests at his official residence in Brazil on Friday, where the proposal was presented and acquitted. “Together with religious leaders and leaders, we will call on Brazilians to fast so that Brazil can get rid of this evil as soon as possible,” he later told the Joom Pan radio station. A former army captain became a militant and controversial politician, Mr. Bolsonaro grew up a Roman Catholic, and was reburied in 2016 before being nominated for the presidency by an evangelical priest on the Jordan River in Israel. Extensive Christian support for his “family values” platform, opposition to abortion and LGBT + rights.


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