ADDED ON: 04/18/2019

Colombians stage kiss-a-thon in support of LGBT rights

04/17/2019 | Fox News

Dozens of same sex couples kissed simultaneously outside an upscale shopping mall in Colombia’s capital Wednesday, in the latest demonstration calling for LGBT rights in the South American country. The “kiss-a-thon” was held just days after two gay men in their early 20s were harassed at the Andino shopping center by a man who pushed the couple, screamed profanities at them and accused them of fondling each other in front of a group of children. Esteban Miranda and Nicolas Tellez denied doing that, saying they were only hugging and holding hands just like many heterosexual couples strolling the mall’s flashy corridors. They quickly called the police to seek protection from the enraged man but were instead fined for indecent exposure. The incident was caught on video by bystanders and shared widely on social media, sparking a wave of support for the young gay couple. On Wednesday night, hundreds of activists waving rainbow flags gathered around one of the mall’s entrances and screamed chants in support of gay rights. Paola Gutierrez, 21, hugged her girlfriend and gave her a heartfelt kiss on the lips, after a protest organizer with a megaphone urged participants to express their “freedom” to love.


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