ADDED ON: 03/12/2021

Colombia showcases its competitive advantages in sustainable tourism with Canadians

03/11/2021 | Cision

BOGOTA, Colombia, March 11, 2021 /CNW/ — During the first virtual “Annual Tourism Forum in Canada,” launched by ProColombia in February, it successfully facilitated 563 one-on-one meetings, bringing together 52 Colombian Tourism Suppliers and 33 Canadian tour operators. The event focused on highlighting meaningful travel experiences, sustainability, LGBT travel and purposeful meetings in Colombia through different curated video content and live panels with featured speakers including Wade Davis – Canadian Anthropologist and Author, Paula Vlamings – Chief Impact Officer of Tourism Cares, Christian Wolters – CMO at Tourradar, amongst other key speakers. According to ProColombia’s president Flavia Santoro, “Canada is one of the most important markets for positioning Colombia as a tourist destination, which is why we decided to organize an exclusive event for Canada for the first time. We want to continue to form close ties and create opportunities for Colombian tourism businesses that have adapted their tourism offerings to include biosafe, high quality, and sustainable experiences.”


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