ADDED ON: 05/20/2018

Colombia LGBT: The Shop that Wants Men to ‘Leave Behind Shyness’

05/20/2018 | BBC

Pinned to the glass door of Tranxtienda, a clothes shop tucked away on the third floor of an aging concrete mall in the Colombian capital Bogotá, a sign reads: “If this door is closed, DON’T BE SCARED.” Behind the glass door is an array of flamboyant clothes, fake nails, wigs and men-sized heels designed in-house for the city’s transvestite community. But what makes Tranxtienda stand apart from any other place is that it caters to mostly heterosexual men who are in the closet and acts as a store-cum-social club in the heart of downtown Bogotá. “I come here as often as I can,” says Valentina, a regular of Tranxtienda. She uses her pseudonym out of fear of being recognised but apologises for the secrecy with a shy smile.


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