ADDED ON: 08/07/2019

Coca-Cola faces backlash in Hungary for ad featuring same-sex couples

08/06/2019 | Stamford Advocate

Coca-Cola is facing intense criticism in Hungary over an ad campaign featuring same-sex couples, the latest instance of a vocal anti-gay backlash across parts of post-communist central Europe. Anger over the company’s “Love is Love” campaign emerged immediately after the ads began showing up on August 1, with right-wing media outlets, online petitions and politicians from the country’s ruling party calling for the commercials to be pulled and for a boycott of Coca-Cola. Experts say the backlash underscores how slowly attitudes toward homosexuality have changed in post-communist Europe, compared with other parts of the continent and much of the Western world. It also mirrors what activists have warned is a growing anti-gay sentiment being promoted by right-wing governments in places like Poland.


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