Governor Martyn Roper assented to what is now called the Civil Partnership Law on Friday, paving the way for same-sex couples in the Cayman Islands to register their relationships and enter into a legally recognised union. The law, along with eleven supporting amendment bills, will provide access to family and other related rights afford to married couples but previously denied to members of the LGBT+ community here. Although the bill is now law, couples wanting to enter into this new partnership will have to wait until the end of this month because the civil service is being given three weeks to prepare to accept and process applications. Some amendments have been made to the legislation as a result of the consultation period, including a tightening of open access to the register of civil partnerships, which had caused concerns about potential abuse. In this amended law those wanting to see the register or get information from it will need to provide an adequate reason for doing so to the registrar. Other parts of the law have also been changed to bring this legislation more in line with the administrative requirements of the Marriage Law.


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