ADDED ON: 12/07/2021

Church in Wales could elect UK’s first female and first out gay archbishop

12/06/2021 | Pink News

Cherry Vann, the Bishop of Monmouth, is in the running to be elected the Church in Wales’ first lesbian archbishop. Following the retirement of John Davies, the election for a new archbishop of Wales has made history on multiple counts. As well as there being a lesbian in the running, half of the six candidates are women. Vann would also be the first archbishop in a same-sex civil partnership. This comes less than five years after the election of the Church’s first female bishop, Joanna Penberthy. If a woman is elected, it would also make Wales the first country in the UK to vote a woman into the highest position. At the time of her election as bishop of Monmouth, Vann said she hoped that LGBT+ people would take her appointment as a sign of hope. However, she has also denied that she will use her position within the Church to campaign for same-sex marriage.


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