ADDED ON: 09/16/2018

Christian Right Looking to Putin’s Russia to Save Christianity from the Godless West

09/15/2018 | Newsweek

At a gathering of some of the world’s most virulent opponents of LGBT equality, Russian conservative activist Dmitry Komov warned of the destructive agenda underlying the spread of liberal values. The West, he told a far-right French TV station in December, was committed to the “destruction of all of our collective identities: national identity, religious identity, gender identity,” and warned it would result in “the destruction of human identity.” Komov was in Chisinau, Moldova, for the Eurasian colloquium, where Russian Orthodox ideologues and European far-right activists rubbed shoulders. Between 13 and 16 September, they are also joined by members of a U.S. conservative Christian groups in the city for the World Congress of Families. The unlikely allies feel that after decades of struggle, the time has come to topple Western liberal hegemony.


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