ADDED ON: 09/12/2020

Christian group threatens to hang gay people ‘in a loving way’ in leaked WhatsApp messages

09/11/2020 | Pink News

The LGBT+ community in the Cayman Islands is on high alert after leaked messages revealed a Christian group threatening to “hang one or two” gay people. The “disturbing and dangerous” messages, first reported by the Cayman Compass, were anonymously leaked by a member of a Christian WhatsApp group. The messages, which show an incomplete snippet of a discussion about gay and LGBT+ rights, are from members of Cayman Caribbean Cause – a Christian group that includes prominent leaders from the church community in the Cayman Islands, which are a British Overseas Territory. In one, a member suggests “maybe hang one or two [gay people] in a loving way” as a warning to others. Another message suggested implementing teachings from the Quran to criminalise homosexuality, reading: “If this was a Muslim country, they’d be [thrown] out by the thousands.”


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