ADDED ON: 12/03/2020

Christian couple rejected by foster agency for wanting to change LGBT+ children tell court they were discriminated against

12/01/2020 | Pink News

A Christian couple from Australia who were turned away by a foster agency because of their belief that an LGBT+ child’s identity can be changed have appeared in court. Byron and Keira Hordyk, who live in Perth, Australia, applied to the Wanslea Family Services agency in January 2017 to foster children. During the course of an assessment with Wanslea Family Services, the couple expressed their view that homosexuality is a sin and that same-sex attraction can be resisted. They went on to claim that they would be able to help a queer child “overcome” their sexuality. Despite this, the couple insisted that their beliefs would not impact on their ability to raise a foster child. The couple were later rejected by the foster agency because they had failed to meet one of the five competencies laid out by the Department of Communities and would be unable to provide a safe living environment. The couple have since sued Wanslea Family Services, and had their first court appearance in an eight-day legal hearing on Tuesday (1 December) in the State Administrative Tribunal, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.


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