ADDED ON: 10/23/2019

Christian Council plans showdown with Bahamas Pride

10/22/2019 | Eyewitness News

The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) will mount a series of events opposing the Bahamas Pride celebrations slated for October 2020. BCC President Bishop Delton Fernander said yesterday the church must stand up and ring the bell against the celebration of something that contravenes the word of God. He said the church will also call upon its global colleagues to “stand against Sodom and Gomorrah”, noting pride organizers are collaborating with international partners. “We are going to rally for right, if they are going to rally for wrong,” Fernander told Eyewitness News. “We will rally for the cause of Jesus Christ and we are asking all Christian in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to stand with your church; stand with the belief that you believe in maybe this is a time when we must stand against Sodom and Gomorrah.


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